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XO2 and Eiffel tower XO2 and Notre Dame XO2 and Descartes

The purple touring bike in front of the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame de Paris, and the Louvre. See story for details.

XO2 in SNF posing in snow little washout

The purple touring bike and I in Kings Canyon NP, and the bike in the snow on the road near Cedar Grove, and a section of the road during spring 1996. See story for details.

winding road pebble on road little falls

On the descent into Kings Canyon, a boulder in the road, and a nice little falls in the Canyon. See story for details.

purple against rock K in Quebec K in foothills

The purple bike on a ride out to Glacier Point in Yosemite. See story for details. Katherine during the middle of a 120+ mile ride from Vermont through Quebec and back into the states through New Hampshire. This was before it started raining and before some of the many moose sightings. She is riding her wonderful green Cannondale touring bike, which sometimes she lets me ride. And K on a ride in the Sierra foothills above Sacramento. Yes, she does own more than one T-shirt...

stem view Univege Alpina bike in desert

A view of the suspension stem on the old mountain bike. The old mountain bike admiring the view from Inspiration Point in the San Gabriel mountains, just above Pasadena. It isn't always that clear there. My mountain bike on the Black Rock desert playa in northwestern Nevada. This is one of the biggest playas I have been on and was eerily empty and flat. I rode my bike here no hands for 2 miles in a straight line with my eyes closed. I hope that is some kind of record.

K follows eggs K edges sandstone

K on the Slickrock trail, near Moab UT around New Year's 1991(?). Snow made some of the obstacles pretty interesting.

K surfs sandstone snowy slickrockscape

K surfing sandstone in a wash near Moab; wonderful winter conditions and miles of rock. And some snowy slickrock.

Amy and Joe in Capay valley Joe bikes Cache Creek Joe rides Cache Creek

Amy and Joe riding in the Capay Valley, near Davis, and Joe and I further up the valley as the road follows Cache Creek. That is a wonderful little road that follows a reasonable class III kayak run. For a while, after some storms and minor washouts, the road was closed (to cars, presumably) and made an already wonderful bike ride even better. And Joe and I on the same ride.

coast camp ho! Bob and Friday Patty at Bolinas Ridge

A gang of us about to head off on a mellow bike camp at Point Reyes. We had a nice "heavyweight" bike camp there on the coast since the route in is a pretty level, pretty smooth fireroad that lent itself to heavily-laden bike travel. K's father Bob with his folder Bike Friday, trailer and plenty of gear at Point Reyes. And Patty and I near Point Reyes, after riding up Bolinas Ridge and back.

Commuter tandem from above Ride me one wheel fun

Arriving home on the commuter, an unoccupied tandem and the Bridgestone Radac and me on the unicycle.

Leslie and San Pablo res Gretchen in Sullivan Canyon

Leslie in Tilden Park, in Berkeley, with San Pablo Reservoir behind. And Gretchen in Sullivan Canyon, in the Santa Monica mountains very close to UCLA. Sullivan Canyon really changes character from year to year and with the seasons. Sometimes the ride is mostly in a rocky creekbed, and sometimes it's dry and a boring speed run. One great thing about Berkeley and UCLA is that there is wonderful biking very close. There are great mountain bike rides that you can just zip off and do in the evening or with no planning. One problem with Fresno or Davis is that for most of the good mountain biking, I generally put a bike on my car and drive for a while.

unfolded Bicky folded Bicky dino at Pt. Reyes

The folder unfolded, and folded. Quite a nice little gadget. And Dino, before the seat tube broke.

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